What NY Website Design Experts Have

We, too, were unmindful on how to take advantage of a website design. It was only when a friend, a website developer, showed us a website comparison did we realized how a mediocre website differs from an excellent one. Of course, having a website is one thing, but creating a superb website is another. As he explained, “All websites have the same aspects, design, conversion techniques, analytics, and so on, but every website designer differs on the approach.” So, you see, our goal is to tell you exactly how these aspects contribute to an excellent web.

Visual Design

visual designIf there is anything we learned from every NY web design expert we come across with, that is, never underestimate the visual aspect of your site. Take note that every visitor unconsciously gauges the value of your website based on looks. If you failed to catch their attention with this, they are out of your website before you know it. So no matter what industry you are in, keeping your web design professional, organized, and compelling is the way to go. It is like an unwritten rule that every web designer should know.

Now if there is one mistake related to design that most designers are guilty of, we included, that is perhaps getting too overwhelmed with the idea of creating a site and end up injecting every design they can think of. A good website does not necessarily mean packed with varying visual designs. The appropriateness of the design is what matters most.

For instance, employing many white spaces, that means blank spaces in between texts and images, is advisable. This way, designs are not placed too tight; thereby, giving room for other elements to fit in at the same time and giving the visitors’ eyes a particular area to focus on.

Conversion technique

You hooked your visitors with its visual design. Now what is next? Apply an effective conversion technique. If you hire web designers, make sure they understand that your goal is to make your visitors download, purchase a product, sign-up a web form, subscribe to a newsletter, etc. Design a call-to-action technique with the end-user in mind. Give them enough reasons why they should do what they are told and explain clearly how they should do it.

Developing a successful conversion technique means choosing the right web team to work with—a team which understands what you offer, and how to make it stand out from the competition. As our friend explained, “conversion-based websites starts with the perfect homepage layout because it serves as a framework of other pages of the site.” In short, good design team matched with constant and clear communication is a jumpstart to skyrocket conversion rate.

Customer Value

Success of a webpage design does not end with conversion. It takes additional effort to make them loyal customers. Build a valuable relationship, who knows, they may also serve as lead generators sooner or later. Although this is optional, designers should consider a space in the websites where customers are free to interact and engage with other visitors e.g. comment and feedback areas. For example, NY web design managers consider using e-mail marketing to keep in touch with the customers and retarget advertising campaign.

Traffic analytics

website trafficKnowing the exact traffic on a website is one feature that other marketing strategies lack. Identifying the demographics of visitors, such as who they are, where they come from, how long they stay on the site, what page they check the most, and others are valuable information. This is not because they are helping us learn our web visitors’ profiles, but because they become our basis in developing an optimized conversion- focused website.

Had we not understood analytics sooner, we would not have realized what are missing in our designs and what we are lacking as a web designer. It changed the way we see our website, and it helped us delve into new aspects of the web. Take note that your web team should be willing to take extra mile to continuously draw your metrics up.

A/B assessment

What are A/B assessment/testing? For web designers, this is simply putting up two different websites: Control (current) and Test (new version). These two are put side by side to test which one is frequently visited and which has higher conversion rate. Remember when your teacher tells you to choose the best answer in exams? A/B testing works in pretty the same way. Measure their performance when it comes to the call-to action strategies, content, image and information organization, advertisements, and layout. It is like designing websites from your perspective, but the truth is, you are leaving your visitors to define what they really want.


Web design services experts from nyseoexplode understand the importance of these factors more than anybody else. They know that every step requires their skills and creativity. With that alone, we never felt that it was a mistake working with those who are still starting their website design projects. With our great teams of experts and excellent communication policies, we can help anyone launch an excellent website design.

Finding Comfort and Convenience in a Storage Container

The sturdy and rigid makeup of a storage container allows for it to house goods for transport and delivery. It can carry construction materials, pieces of furniture, manufactured goods, raw materials, weapons, and more. Storage containers are expected to be strong enough to endure the processes of storage, handling and shipping. They must be waterproof and durable to safeguard the goods until they reach their destination. The efficiency of a storage container ensures the proper delivery of goods and items. Such efficiency contributes to the improvement of transportation and trade operations.

portable-storageDespite the rigidity and sturdiness of storage containers, architects and designers have transformed them to become places of comfort and convenience. Storage containers have served as houses in recent years, whether as fixed homes or portable residences. They are fireproof and heavy-duty, making them ideal spaces for housing. Families can even use these portable houses to go on road trips, so they no longer have to spend on lodging.

Storage containers can also serve as guest houses. In this case, the guest house can have its own bedroom, living room, kitchen, and toilet. This will make the visitors get a feel of having their own space. Another option is to convert storage containers into playhouses in backyards. Children will not be able to destroy their playhouses made of steel. They can also do various activities there, such as playing games and making artworks. It is also possible to turn the playhouses into game rooms for adults where they can set up a ping-pong table, billiards table, game console, and home theater system.

Storage-containerOther homeowners can use storage containers as residences that are situated by the lake or sea. Such houses will allow residents to store their fishing materials or surfing equipment. Residents also need not worry should storms threaten their lake or beach houses because storage containers can withstand harsh weather conditions.

More than being living spaces, storage containers have also been used for entrepreneurship and business. Food trucks have been popular staples in events such as concerts and bazaars. You can also find them in parks and commercial centers. Food trucks do not only stand out because of the delectability of the dishes they serve. Their selling point is also based on the uniqueness and creativity of their appearance. Storage containers are customized in many ways such as being painted in striking colors and having windows and sliding doors installed.

Storage containers can also sell other merchandise aside from food, making them pop-up stores. Fashion brands have gone around shopping malls and parks with pop-up stores that showcase their latest collections. Some storage containers have been converted into portable bookstores, much to the delight of bookworms. There are even moveable libraries that are used to spread reading awareness, especially among the youth.

Some companies, meanwhile, have used storage containers to function as mobile offices. These can be used to provide legal consultation, health services, and other public services. Having mobile offices is a way for companies and organizations to reach out to their clients and constituents. Being on the ground helps companies address their current concerns swiftly.

Other concept artists, in contrast, use the storage container without the portability aspect. They can include these as part of their outdoor art. They can stack these up and paint these in vivid colors. Other storage containers have been converted into stationary restaurants or bars. Their industrial feel gives an added edginess to the ambiance of food service spaces.

Because of their simplicity and durability, storage containers have also been converted into classrooms. The concern of adding more classrooms can be easily addressed if the containers are used. Such usage is even eco-friendly because they are being recycled, instead of being disposed. Other transformations of the containers include swimming pools, indoor gardens, welding shops, and jail cells.

With the many uses of a storage container, it is advisable to look for one with top-notch quality. The safety of goods and wellbeing of residents and customers need to be guaranteed.

At Moveable Container Storage, our steel storage containers are surely sturdy because they are mechanically sound and weather-resistant. Most of our storage containers also have lock boxes to protect the goods that we are transporting.

Even with such premium features, they are still reasonably price. We can also customize them to suit the needs and preferences of our clients for. With quality storage containers just within reach, customers seeking to use them for business or pleasure are guaranteed of more comfort and convenience.

Choose the Right Backing for Your Custom Embroidered Patches

Alright, you got your concept art for your custom embroidered patches! Now you’re ready to make your order.

Then they ask what type of backing would you choose? Below are the common options: iron-on backing, adhesive backing and Velcro backing.

What’s backing?

Backing is the material to be sewn behind your custom embroidered patches. It serves as a method for the patch to adhere to the clothing.

Before you shrug your shoulders, there are some factors to consider. What type of cloth do you plan to adhere your patch on? How long do you want it to last? How long are you going to use it on your apparel?

custom patches

•    No Backing/ Plastic Backing

You can choose to go without a backing for your patch. Without backing, the patch would be flexible, less thick and less firm. Without any backing, the patch must be sewn.

If you want your patch to have stiffness and support, you can order your patch with plastic backing. It allows your patch to be flat when you sew it into clothing. Plastic backing can be used to any patch regardless of size, shape and type.

•    Iron-on Backing

Iron-on backing allows you to adhere your custom embroidered patches by ironing them. Depending on the company, the adherence of the patch will last for a range of wash cycles. It is also advised to sew patches with this kind of backing to have the patch adhere to the clothing longer. This type of backing doesn’t work with synthetic fabrics such as nylon.

•    Adhesive Backing

Adhesive backing on a patch is like a sticker. A sheet of glue is applied on the custom embroidered patch, and covered with paper until it’ll be used. It won’t last long after a wash cycle. Even if the apparel isn’t washed (such as a rubber coat or boots), the backing will weaken after some time. This backing is meant for single events.

Like the plastic backing, this can be used to any type of patch of any shape and size.

•    Velcro Backing

Velcro backing for patches is available in hook fasteners (the bristly part of the Velcro) or hook-and-loop fasteners (both the bristly material and the soft material). Velcro backing patches that are sold with hook fasteners only are for those who have loop fasteners already sewn in their clothing, like soldier uniforms. If you prefer the Velcro Backing with both hook-and-loop fasteners, make sure that your preferred patch company sews the Velcro into the patch instead of gluing them for long-lasting adherence.

•    Magnetic Backing

If you want to stick a patch without sewing or ironing or having adhesive on your cloth, another method is the magnetic backing. Magnetic discs inside the patch and its partner outside the patch holds the patch for an indefinite amount of time. Some patch companies use adhesive magnets instead of magnetic discs.

•    Pin Backing

Pin backing is used for patches that will be transferred in different occasions. Such as a jacket. A pin is sewn in the backing material. Once the patch is pinned to the fabric, a clutch is used to secure it.

•    Button Loop Backing

A loop is sewn or glued in the backing material. This is usually used by scouting organizations where the patches can hang in the scouts’ uniforms. This is surprisingly durable since the button only has to support the light weight of custom embroidered patches.

So there you have it. The most long-lasting backing is to sew it on. For one-time occasions, use adhesive backings. Magnetic backings is the least damaging to fabrics. Button loops are the simplest durable backing. For transferable patches, use any patches above except plastic no backing.

Selecting the PCB manufacturer that is right for your PCB assembly needs

When it comes to choosing the PCB manufacturing partner to entrust your PCB assembly needs, you have to have a set of selection criteria to ensure your desired quality output. Here are 7 aspects you should find in a good PCB manufacturer or assembler.

1. Price

Obtain thorough information detailing the total cost of manufacturing, including the labor cost from the PCB manufacturer. Then, examine carefully the things that are deemed to constitute the manufacturing cost and take time to make an accurate comparison with manufacturing costs from one or two other competing PCB manufacturers. This should help you determine if the manufacturing costs of the PCB manufacturer of choice are at par with the average costs in the PCB assembly industry and if the PCB manufacturer is consistent in the competition.

Pcb assembly

2. Quality Accreditation

Look for quality accreditations such as ISO certification and RoHS compliance that any competitive PCB manufacturer must possess. The minimum ISO certification you should be looking for in a company is ISO 9001:2008 for you to guarantee that they are capable of producing products that are well above the industry average. In case you are unfamiliar with the quality accreditation the manufacture claims to possess, make sure it comes from a licensed registrar.

3. Facility and Equipment

The PCB manufacturer’s capacity to deliver output of high caliber and to the specifications of the client demands availability and proper maintenance of all necessary equipment and facilities. The efficiency of the assembly equipment depends also on their being brand new and modernized, or being outdated and time-consuming. Check whether there are jet printers available and whether the company’s records reflect that they are properly maintained along with the pick-and-place machines, reflow ovens and wave soldering tools. This also guarantees the company’s commitment to quality.

4. Staff

High-caliber equipment, no matter how properly maintained, is inefficient insofar as there is a very limited number of assembly professionals. Therefore, see to it that the PCB manufacturing company has an array of duly certified assembly technicians. Evaluate the training records of the company’s staff, including non-certified staff members that are still working towards their certification.

5. Procurement

The PCB manufacturer will be obtaining its supplies and materials from an external producer, hence, try assessing their procurement division whether they have strong inventory management process or not. Determine if they are procuring their supplies from onshore or offshore merchants because chances are, you will be paying much bigger amount for supplies that come from distant locations. While you can procure on your own the materials required for your PCB assembly, you should look for procurement professionals employed by the PCB manufacturing company of your choice. This way, you will be confident that such professionals have the ability to recommend you alternative materials that are more efficient and more affordable than those that are in your bill of materials.

6. Location

If time and money savings are important to you, choosing a PCB manufacturer that is situated just in the neighbourhood will render you additional speed of delivery as well as flexibility when crucial site surveys have to be carried out. Most large-scale reputable PCB manufacturing companies have offshore facilities in a number of geographical locations such as Korea, Taiwan and mainland China. Thus, you will be dealing with the same trusted company through their PCB assembly facility near your business area.

7. The PCB manufacturer’s

Capacity to meet shipping deadlines is crucial to your business, thus whenever possible, obtain comprehensive information from the PCB manufacturer with regards to their capacity to meet this criterion. See to it that they are shipping your order using the most secure means possible.

Ever Heard of Challenge Coins?

You might have come across people yelling “Coin check!” on one of your drinking parties and you must have wondered what it was all that about. They were most probably just playing a drinking game using their challenge coins. If you never knew about these coins until now, don’t worry about it because you are not alone. Many people aren’t aware of it unless they’re part of the military, police, or fire department. On the other hand, you might already have it in your collection without knowing how it’s commonly used.

Challenge coins are those 3-diameter coins or medallions that usually bear a name and an emblem. These coins are made of copper, nickel or pewter and can have a variety of finish such as bronze, gold, and silver. Just to be clear, these coins do not have any monetary value and could not be used to buy things. A coin’s value, however, depends on what it represents.

challenge coins

If you have come across challenge coins, you will notice their different designs. As it reflects the personality of a specific unit, each coin design is unique from another unit’s. As a side note, if you wanted to have a challenge coin and you have no idea on how to design it, you can probably ask some professionals to style it for you. Anyway, coin designs are very varied. It can be very simple or very complex depending on the organization which it represents. These are generally used for the sake of identification and are carried at all times by members of a unit or organization. After all, the coins build morale and promote the team’s camaraderie or brotherhood.

These coins have deep roots in the military and its origin was dated back to as far as World War I. The coin was also taken as a sign of a warrior. In the Roman Empire, soldiers were rewarded coins for their show of valour or as recognition for their achievements. In the military, it became a longstanding tradition for members to keep their coins within arm’s reach. To ensure that this tradition is upheld, the coin check was developed.

The coin check is a challenge that can be made by anyone who owns a challenge coin. You can initiate a coin check by displaying your coin in any means possible and expressly stating your intention for a coin check. If you are the one being challenged, you can respond by displaying your coin in the same manner. The person who was unable to respond correctly would be given a penalty. In cases where everyone responded correctly, the challenger will be the one given the penalty. You usually buy drinks for the team as penalty in coin checks. Also, be very careful in handling your challenge coins,as dropping them could initiate an accidental coin check. You could very well end up spending all your money paying drinks for your buddies! The coin check can be initiated at any time and any place, so you better not lose your coins and keep them around at all times!

Challenge coins are not just used for identification or games but are also given as a show of appreciation or recognition of a job well done to civilians. Some give it simply as a sign of connection. In the military, coins are given by way of a handshake. Some called this the “secret handshake” wherein the giver puts the coin in his hand and while in a supposedly normal handshake, turns over the coin to another. This happens in the blink of an eye and is as inconspicuous as possible. If you’re feeling up to it, you could keep your eye out for those secret handshakes in the future.

Author Bio:

At Challenge Coins 4 Less, challenge coins are the absolute best in the business. We produce custom coins for all branches of US Military.

The Various Uses of Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards have been in demand for years now. There are various reasons why people order and need lanyards.

Here are some of them:

1. To foster the spirit of the school, company, church or any organization. Providing custom lanyards is a great way to show unity and harmony among classmates, coworkers, church mates, and colleagues. A lanyard featuring the organization’s name, logo, tag line or whatever personalized symbol or message that the group wants included in the design,could strengthen the identity of the group.Plus it promotes oneness in vision and goal. Members wearing the lanyards would be able to identify other members anywhere. The spirit or the essence of the organization would always be put to remembrance as the members continually read and wear it through the lanyards.

2. To be used as promotional items.Custom lanyards can be used as tools for your marketing strategies during product launching, business openings, and various activities for promotion of items or services. Your product or service is bound to be remembered when the lanyards are distributed as give away promotional items. Potential clients would appreciate the efforts and thoughts exerted to make the designs of the lanyards. Plus, the strategy of memory retention is enhanced when the clients keep of seeing the name of the product or service through the lanyards. In the event that they would need such product and service, your company would surely be considered. This type of marketing is not only highly effectively but also, very affordable. For as low as $1 a piece and as high as $10 each, you could have quality, beautiful and highly customizable lanyards.To get the affordable pricing solutions for custom lanyards must go through wholesalelanyards.

3. Custom LanyardsGifts or tokens for your parties, reunions and all types of occasions.Thinking of tokens that would make your friends and families remember the occasion for keeps? Custom lanyards would be the ideal choice. You loved ones would surely love the lanyards that are especially designed to commemorate the special events in your life. You could place the date, the event, the location and even your thank you message for the guests on the customized lanyards. They would indeed, make great keepsakes on all occasions.

4. Can be used even at sporting events.Want to add cheers without making additional noises? Use lanyards to show your support for your favored team. You could have the name of the team and their slogan written on the lanyards. Match the color of the lanyards with the color of the team to complete your cheering. Other fans,as well as your favorite team, would surely love the lanyards and the spirit of sportsmanship is expected to flourish.

5. Very handy and useful at theme parks. Enjoy a more intimate time with your family and friends as you spend a day on a theme park wearing customized lanyards to commemorate the special event. Other tourists on a theme park used the lanyards for identification on being part of the tour. Plus, lanyards could be used to display all the collected pins of the day. Children would surely love it. Actually, adults would too.

6. Various practical uses. Aside from its aesthetic quality, making it a nice accessory for uniforms, a custom lanyard could also serve diverse uses such as holder of key rings, identification cards, cellphones, even cameras and other what-haves-you. Ensure the safety of important items by keeping them with you at all times, whether hanging around your neck or in your wrists, through the use of lanyards.

Custom lanyards are beautiful, practical, affordable, memorable and most of all, very useful. One can never run out of ideas on other uses of lanyards.

Silicon Bracelets in Schools and Universities

In the mid-2000s, silicon bracelets were the most popular marketing tools used by most companies and organizations. Whether it was to promote a specific cause or introduce a new product, these bracelets served the purpose. This is the reason why up to this present time, they remain to be one of the most effective ways of promoting start-up products and/or establishing brand loyalties for existing ones. The best thing about it is that while they can be ordered in bulk and they do not incur that much cost.

Silicon BraceletsThese silicon bracelets have also found its way into schools and universities. There are many practical uses for these bracelets or wristbands in the academic setting. These light hand wristbands are also non-allergenic, durable, and water repellent. Since they are inexpensive, the schools and universities see these wristbands as a practical tool in implementing their regulations as well as in raising funds for their various projects.

Below are the possible uses of rubber bracelets for schools and universities:
1) Identification

Instead of ID lanyards, these wristbands can help identify students within the school and their respective grade level or section. This is easily done by designating a specific colorper grade level and/or section.
They are useful especially on field trips, as the kids on a field trip can be easily spotted wearing their respective school wristbands. Prior to going on a field trip, the teacher can hand these out to each kid and require that they be worn for the duration of the trip. It is the one of the best ways to manage crowd control especially on venues such as museums, sports arena, zoo, etc.

Maybe in the future, they can create these silicon bracelets with bar codes indicating the student numbers and other details. It would be easy to monitor their attendance as well. When their ID bracelets are scanned upon entry or exit, their time is logged in. Having wristbands with bar codes, may not be a farfetched idea at all. It can also further be integrated into the library system of the academic institution.

2) Achievement Marker

For the conscientious students, these wristbands can serve as a tool for positive reinforcement. You can vary these silicon bracelets with different phrases that either say “I’m in the Honor Roll” or “Science or Math Club Member”. They can come out as merit rewards for the students who strive to do their best. In the same manner, it can also encourage other kids to strive to reach that benchmark and wear the wristbands given to deserving students.

3) Subliminal tool for the formation of positive values 

if you are looking for a supplemental way of teaching and reinforcing values to your students, the wristbands can do it. A teacher can assign a particular virtue (choose from honesty, patience, integrity, compassion, etc.) and use one as a theme for the week. Thereafter, ask the students to choose and wear a specific virtue color – one that they would like to cultivate the most. In value formation, it is just as important to reinforce positive values and validate them. Isn’t this a fun way of teaching and creating a positive impact on kids or youth? Other equally relevant messages are: “No to bullying” or “say No to drugs”.

4) Class Souvenir 

these wristbands or bracelets can also serve as a class souvenir or memento. In fact, the names of the students per class can be printed on the inside or outside of the bracelets. Take note that this is only possible if the class size is not as big. In the same token, these can also be given on freshmen orientation events, wherein the expected year of graduation is embossed on the silicon bracelets. This can bolster a feeling of belongingness among the freshmen students.

Commemorate certain events such as School Festivals, JS Proms, Intramurals, etc. with these wristbands and sell them for fundraising projects. You can be as creative as you want in finding uses for these wristbands.

The Evolution of Funeral Homes, Customs, and Traditions in America

The art of caring for and burying the dead has evolved over time, more given at this site www.gentrygriffey.com. Practices today are more diverse than those in earlier days when funeral homes, limousine hearses, embalming and cremation were unheard of, and the whole affair was much simpler.

In early America, back when funerals were not the elaborate process that people know them to be today. Most American families cared for their deceased family member without much professional help. Each community simply had a group of women who came in to facilitate the process of preparing the deceased. The deceased would be prepped at home and the visitation would be done at home too.

During that time, it was popular for homes to have patios or an area where they receive their guests. They made sure that these rooms are furnished with the finest furniture, decors, portraits, possessions and other trappings. These rooms, being usually clean, uncluttered, formal and suitable for entertaining visitors, would by default then become the room where the deceased is laid out for viewing when the need arises. This would serve as a model for most modern funeral homes today.

FuneralEmbalming has not been invented yet at this time and all that there was to it was the visitation at home, then a procession to the church and the cemetery. There was no need to preserve the dead for extended periods of time. Embalming was not a procedure that was done during that time. Caring for the dead was always a simple and upfront affair.

It was only in the mid 1800s that this custom began to change. At the height of the Civil War, American soldiers were sent to the battlefield and many died. The fallen soldiers’ remains needed to be brought home to be buried at the request of their surviving family members. And since the means of transporting these bodies – and the speed with which this can be done – had logistical obstacles, they had to find a way to prevent the dead bodies from decomposing fast. It was at this time when the practice of embalming was first used. One of the pioneers in the field of embalming was an American doctor by the name of Dr. Auguste Renouard (1839-1912). This early procedure paved the way for the modern-day practice of embalming.

Embalming the dead body and putting it in a casket is a practice that is carried on until the present day. Over time, however, the practice of viewing the dead at home was replaced by the more convenient funeral homes. This afforded the family members much ease and convenience in arranging and getting the whole thing done.

As for the burial, the dead was buried in their own backyards in the past. Today, most people prefer to have the deceased buried in the more aesthetically-appealing local cemeteries. There are national military cemeteries intended for the fallen soldiers of the war and public cemeteries for the ordinary citizens. Military personnel still continue to be buried in these military cemeteries up to this day.

The practice of preparing the dead body for burial was also professionalized. Experts were trained to do the job in behalf of the family. These professionals were first called undertakers, and then eventually referred to as morticians and funeral directors in the modern times.

It is worth noting that modern funeral homes of today have perfected this craft. They have somehow come a long way, judging byte grandeur with which these services are provided, the appearance and size of the viewing chapels where people keep vigil and pay respect to the deceased, and the materials and craftsmanship of the coffins, to mention a few. Rightfully so, there is no other way to bid farewell to a dear departed than give him the amount of respect fit for a king.

Author Bio:
Gentry Griffey became the only funeral home to operate an on-site crematory. If you are in need of customs, traditional funeral options or cremation services then visit www.gentrygriffey.com.

Spotting A Good Article Writer – The Best Signs

When you look at major websites today, you are going to see that they all have something in common. One of the most common elements that they all share is in regards to the world of content. Content marketing is a huge thing online, and if you don’t agree, just go to your favorite website. What makes up the favorite pages for you? If you look at them closely, you’ll see that “content is king” and that’s not going to change any time soon. If you are going to get a good handle on all of these things, you are going to going to have to step back and seriously consider what makes these sites work. One of the many elements of the world of content, and some say the best is that of writing. A good article writer can elevate your page to a whole new level and it starts with isolating the right keywords, phrases, and sentences. When done right, this creates a deluge of traffic. Finding good writers can seem rough, but it’s not an impossible task. You have to learn to recognize some of the best signs overall. The following are just some of the best signs that point to good writers.

Article Writer Versus Blogger

There’s some misconceptions about this overall. There are some that are great bloggers, and yes they can write a great deal of content, but when it comes to articles, there’s a disconnect. While blogging and article marketing may seem similar, they are actually quite different. When you are creating complete article packages, you are going to need to look at SEO at the helm of the conversation. Bloggers can get away with just about anything, and it’s because it’s not formal. As you look for an article writer, make sure that you check to see whether or not they are good at creating optimized content that is longer than the average 250 – 300 word blog post. There’s a big difference, that’s for sure.

Their Credentials Aren’t Made Up

Article writerAsk for credentials from any article writer you want to hire. If they come back to you with a resume and CV that seems too good to be true, call them on it. Look at the content links they have and see whether or not it’s truly their work. You’re not going to find a lot of content marketers that don’t have personal websites, blogs, and interactions that are outside of the framework of “business” alone. That’s where you can trap someone. If you get a work history that seems to point to big names, ask for a reference. If the scribe doesn’t have any references at all, and no one can vouch for their work, you’re going to be hiring blindly. Don’t do that. Instead, look for credentials that are credible and have either their authorship, or they have references.

The English Education

There are a lot of people that are going to argue in either side of this. Native English writers are great, but you will find that there are some people that can work very well with writing, and not be native. The goal here is to get someone that is fluent in the language you’re crafting articles for. Your audience will be able to tell whether or not you’re paying someone else to write based on how they phrase certain things. When you look at samples from anyone, make sure that you look at how they frame metaphor and simile. This may seem odd, but it’s going to make a lot of sense overall. What you want to learn from this is simple, look for egregious references. Just look to see what things are compared to, how they are framed in examples and more. If you have something that is too “academic” and doesn’t seem to flow with examples that are relevant, then you know something is wrong. Remember, localized English rhetoric still works with mainline metaphors and comparisons.

The Turn Around Rate

The average turn around for a great article writer can be 24 hours if not less. They can write 500 words within a span of 7 to 8 minutes if not less. You could easily pay them by the hour and get a ton of content. However, you’re also going to pay premium for that. When you are seeking out help, look at how fast they turn things around for the base rate. The average simple article creator can come up with around 7 days in turnaround if not faster. The cost ratio to the turnaround time is going to be your telltale sign as to whether or not you’re going to get good work in the end.

Overall, you shouldn’t just hire anyone. Take your time to look for the aforementioned signs of a good article writer, and you’ll be fine.

Our team of article writers takes pride in being considered some of the best article writing service and marketers online.

The Things You Need to Know When Buying Golf Putters

Golf putters are necessary in every golfer’s bag. Among the golf clubs, it is considered as the most used and therefore, the most important. In connection to this, golfers are very meticulous in buying their golf putters. The impact, fine glide, smooth stroke, and bounce less topspin ball launch should be considered in choosing a good golf putter. As a player, it is important to take note of these tips in choosing a golf putter:

1.The head design is important, though it depends on the golfer’s preference and style.

There are three types of head designs. These are peripheral weight, mallet putter, and blade putter. Not just in its appearance, the different head designs have unique uses too depending on your standing in the game.

If a golfer usually does a straight stroke, blade golf putters are preferred. This is a traditional design technically used in hard and delicate strokes. Mallet putter heads improve a golfer’s performance with off center hits. This head design has a lower and deeper center of gravity. The last type of putter head is peripheral weighted, which is thinner and longer. The weight is distributed in the heel and toe.

This kind of golf putter head requires careful handling. Professionals recommend this blade putter head for a player who misses the sweet spot towards the face’s heel. Also, those who use the open-square-closed stroke benefit from this kind of putter head design. Head designs may depend on the golf player’s strategy and style. Do not forget to choose the design that will best suit the kind of shot and technique that you often use.


There are two types of balance point for putter heads. These are face balanced and toe balanced. You have to know the difference between these two types to identify the head that is suitable for tour maneuver and technique.

Golf PuttersWhen you lay the shaft parallel to the ground with your hand, a face balanced putter points up towards the sky. Face balanced golf putters are used for square-to-square strokes. The putter’s face stays square to the putter’s path. The maneuver result is straight back and straight through. Not all golf professionals actually recommend this kind of balanced point. Open, square, closed strokes are preferred by most golfers. With this kind of stroke, they favor the use of a toe balanced putter.

The toe balanced putter, as its name implies, has its toe hanging to the ground when the shaft is balanced in your hands. An open and close stroke is ideal for this kind of balance. Sometimes the in-to-in or barn door stroke is the most accepted way to maneuver their balance. The putter also moves on a slight arc. Again, the balance point is an important factor to consider in choosing a putter. Make sure that the kind of putter fits your strokes.

3.Putter Length

What greatly affects the golf player’s stroke is the proper positioning of the putter. In this case, length is a very important aspect to consider when buying. As a golfer, you have to know when a club is correctly positioned. How will you know if the length is appropriate?

Golf putters must be at least 18 inches long. The length is measured from the sole up to the top of the shaft. Proper positioning is achieved if the golfer only bends from the hips. In this way, you still have your eyes over the ball. His hands should just be relaxed under the shoulders, with his elbows bent and touching the ribcage. For men, the standard length available in the market is 35 inches. For women, it’s 33 to 34 inches. The length may be changed to satisfy the comfort of the golfer. It also affects the grip, which is why some players prefer to use the shorter ones. If you prefer to grip beyond the end of the shaft, then a longer putter may be a good choice. A correct length means a good stroke.


The putter’s swing weight depends on the length. If there is a heavier head weight then the putter length is shorter. For men with 35-inch putters,the standard length would be 330 grams. For women with 33-inch putters, the head weight should be around 370 to 380 grams. The general rule in choosing the weight is if it is lighter, then it would be used on fast green. If it is heavy, then it is best to use it on slower greens. Some prefer heavy putter heads because for both stability and impact. Extremely heavy putters sell better in the market.

5.Shaft length

Some may be confused when choosing between belly putters and long putters. Belly putters are anchored in the stomach while long putters are secured in the chest. Looking at these two putters, the player may just have to choose which part of the body gives a more stable stroke.

A belly putter creates a three-point contact. The three points include the two hands and the belly. The belly putter ranges from 41 to 46 inches long. A belly putter is useful for those who perform arc strokes. The broom handle putter or long putter has a length that ranges from 48 to 52 inches. The putter’s resting point may be above the belly button, in the chest, or it can be in the chin. Long shaft putters are best used for square-to-square strokes.

How to use your lanyards, again

Every item will eventually succumb to wear. So, when something breaks, what do you usually do with it? Do you throw it away, give it to someone else who can repair and use it again, or find another purpose the item can serve? Depending on your choice, it could go directly to the trashcan or to someone who is in need.IfOn the case of having broken item is your old lanyard, for instance, throwing it away it is not the optimal thingbest option to do.

After all, there are still a lot of ways you can use it again, such as:

1. Use it as a replacement strap for your bags

If you aregot stuck in a situation where the strap of your favourite bag got broken, you can use your broken lanyards to temporarily solve the problem temporarily. Just tie those cords together until they reach the necessary length and use them to replace your bag’s strap. If you’re hesitant about doing that, you probably don’t know that some lanyard manufacturers owners have partnershipsare tied up with handicraft makers.

Badge holdersActually, some of the most beautiful bags are made entirely of discarded lanyards. If you have the time and patience, you could even try creating your own version of those bags. To begin such a project, all you need to do is search for instructables that suit your own unique preferences (although tweaking the steps is always an option).

2. It can also serve as a bookmark

If you are one of the many people who love books, you may be worried about forgetting the last page you’ve read. After all, it’s a waste of time to check pages one by one just to finally continue reading. If you find yourself worrying too much about this situation (or if you’ve been in it far too many times), you need to get a proper bookmark. Do you get a piece of paper or cardboard to do the job? Of course, you don’t.

Pick a thin strip of lanyard and just place it between the pages that need to be marked. Afterwards, simply close the book. Rest assured that you won’t have any trouble finding the right page when you’re once again ready to continue reading. Alternatively,Or if the broken lanyards you have aren’t enough (either in quantity or in length) and you have a friend who works inknows a lanyard factory, worker, you can ask for a few spares from him.

3. As the next part of your An additional artistic masterpiece

If you have a tool – a creative mind and can literally make use of anything around you him or her as a tool to make art, then some and broken lanyards can becomeare no exception. If you posses an artistic sense in your body and is also partresourceful person in terms of getting what you want, using broken lanyards as a secret ingredient to beautify your next art project. Gathering allartwork isn’t a bad idea. Getting the broken lanyards around your houseones that you can useneed might take time. So, like the suggestion above, butif you know someone who manufactures those cords, that you can ask to get rejects in exchange for a small amount of money.in their shop.

Once you’ve collected the right amount of lanyards, you might be surprised with what you could do with them. You can cut them into tiny bits and pieces if you are planning to do a mosaic that will add color to the entire project. It’s also a good option to tie them up together and use them as a scrapbook binder. Well, these are just a few nice ideas. Surely, you’d be able to think of new interesting concepts once you’re holding those broken lanyard strings.

Even if an item is already broken, it doesn’t automatically mean that it belongs to the trash can. The examples above only prove that there is always the possibility that “trash” can become useful again. If you have a resourceful mind, even an old, worn out lanyard still has endless ways of serving you.

Badge holders and badge reels are a great way to customize your lanyards and make them even more convenient to use.

The Comfort of Dubai Hotel Apartments

One of the places that a traveler looks forward to, aside from the sights and sounds of their country of destination, is the place where one stays – the hotel room.  It should offer the convenience and the comfort of one’s home, such that the traveler will not feel homesick.

When you travel to Dubai, which has earned its own place as a shopping and tourist destination, you will find that it also boasts of a bevy of hotel apartments that provide the utmost convenience to guests.  These hotel apartments are located in prime locations across Dubai and are ready to cater to the particular needs of every traveler, whether for business or for pleasure.

spacious accommodationsThese Dubai hotel apartments provide guests with comfort and convenience as they offer spacious accommodations with all the hotel amenities and services required for a home-like living.  The luxury and comfort of these hotel apartments, of course, depend on the price that one is willing to shell out.  But it should also be pointed out that to enjoy Dubai, one should also have a comfortable place to stay in.

There is a variety of accommodation options and Dubai hotel apartments are ideal for people who cannot afford five-star hotel accommodations and fully-furnished apartments.  Moreover, they are the most comfortable accommodations one can find in Dubai.  These hotel apartments range from a studio to a 4-bedroom apartment.  Thus, business as well as leisure travelers prefer this type of accommodation, whether traveling as an individual, a couple, or even with the company of family and friends.

Dubai hotel apartments can be rented on a nightly, daily, weekly, monthly to as long as a yearly basis.  Thus, the range of prices can also vary, depending on the length of stay.  Most hotel apartments in other parts of the world will prefer long-term stays, but their Dubai counterparts welcome any length of stay, just like hotel rooms.  Thus, one need not be afraid to try booking a hotel apartment in Dubai, because one will be surprised that they can be accommodated for a day or two, depending on the availability of the units.

These apartments located in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Bur Dubai, Al Barsha Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and Deira Dubai.  Thus, one can have a choice of location, depending on their travel needs.  Some would even offer business facilities in one’s own hotel apartment for ease of communication with the home country.

serivecesThese hotel apartments offer amenities which can equal the luxury of a five-star hotel.  Some of them have a Jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna, rooftop swimming pools, fitness centers, internet access, telephone and fax facilities, DVD players with flat screen television sets, even airport taxi, and limousine services.  Even day-to-day cleaning, which one has to do himself in some hotel apartments worldwide, can be handled by the building administrators.

Kitchen facilities are available for all hotel apartments in Dubai.  This way, a guest or visitor can cook his own food to his own taste.  Especially for visitors with budget constraints, this can be an advantage.  They just have to hop to a nearby supermarket to get all the ingredients that they need for their own meals and cook them right in their own private space.

Lastly, Dubai hotel apartments give you the privacy for your own individual practices.  These hotel apartments are very popular for Muslim visitors who require space to practice their beliefs.  Since Dubai is open to all kinds of nationalities, it can be a melting pot of different religions and practicing one’s own set can be a challenge.  With hotel apartments, you can practice your beliefs without fear of being discriminated.

Thus, it is not surprising that Dubai hotel apartments have become extremely popular among tourists and visitors.  What people enjoy most in these hotel apartments is their home-like feel which cannot be easily found elsewhere.